Weight & Fatness in modern society - Quiz

The diet culture refers to the proper nutrition of an individual receiving the important vitamins and substances to run its everyday activities.
Feedback: This diet culture idealises certain body types and lifestyles while rejecting others by associating negative stereotypes and feelings with them.
The thin ideal (ideology of thinness) leads to approval of the individual's body and motivates people to maintain a healthy body and mind.
Feedback: The thin ideal refers to the acquisition of socially reinforced ideas related to the weight and shape of individuals. This idea leads to body dissatisfaction and the pressure of perfection as individuals are not able to conform to this ideal/
Contrary to recognised diseases and epidemics, obesity:
Having a culture dictate what, when and how much one can eat, as well as define what is good, moral, and worthy just for the sake of profit, can have devastating effects on people’s health and lives
Contemporary movements seeking to reclaim the word ‘fat’ have as a scope: